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Creating Positive Experiences

This morning, as I was looking outside my window and enjoying the noise of the rain falling, I said to my flatmate ‘I really like this weather’. She says ‘Really? I don’t like it at all’. That moment, I decided to create a positive experience for myself. Creating positive experiences is something we can all do and it doesn’t require money or time. It only requires a change of perception, to see things from a positive viewpoint. I always enjoyed the rain, when we were children, as soon as we heard the sound of rain, my sister and I would run to open the door or the window to enjoy one of nature’s miracles.  We loved the noise, the smell of the earth but perhaps most of all the rhythmic sound it makes, a sound that I later realised contributes to inner peace and balance. It’s not that I don’t enjoy warm, sunny days but I also appreciate that nature can unfold its miracles in many ways.

What is a positive experience? If it makes me feel good, it’s positive. If it brings me joy and engages my senses, it’s something I want to experience again. Each day, think about creating positive moments that will accompany you to your life’s journey.

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