About me

Have you ever wondered why when you really want to achieve something and tried very hard, you keep failing? Or why the same thoughts or feelings (usually negative) keep coming up even when you’ve done your best to keep them away? Or why you may feel anxiety or fear even though the original event that has caused it happened a long time ago? These were the questions that I had at the start of my journey.

My inner journey began when I read an article in an Italian magazine many years ago about achieving inner peace. In my efforts to achieve this and get what I wanted in life, I stumbled upon the Peiffer Foundation and being naturally curious of what this course could offer me, I studied Positive Thinking, a course accredited by the Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (APHP).

It was a worthwhile and life changing experience. Positive Thinking has been created to teach practical life skills. It requires a change of thinking, for sure, but the change comes from practical application of a number of techniques that derive from hypnotherapy. In Positive Thinking, by learning how our mind works, we use it for our benefit to make positive life changes.

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