One to one Sessions

On a one to one basis, I help people deal with issues that keep them stuck. I help clients deal with habits, worry less, become more relaxed and confident and I do this using a variety of Positive Thinking tools. Some people have limiting beliefs and I teach them how the subconscious mind works, why they have these beliefs and how to change them. Once a client  understands the theory, we move into practice. Positive Thinking is about applying practical techniques and dealing with issues quickly and effectively, usually no more than 10 sessions are needed. Because we deal with the subconscious and not the logical mind, when we sort out one problem usually other problems also go away.

The consultations are done via Zoom at a date and time agreed in advance. A minimum of 24 hours notice is needed in case of cancellation. Payment is made via PayPal or bank transfer and is due before each session.

Initial Consultation (IC): This will give us both the opportunity to ask questions and to discuss the issue you would like help with, with no obligation to book any further sessions. The initial consultation is for 60 minutes and costs £20.

Consultation Session: Each session costs £25 for 60 minutes.

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